Online, independent shop announces new Vegan false eyelashes with plastic-free packaging

Natural Essentoils, an online store selling natural, vegan and cruelty free beauty products, have announced a new range of strip eyelashes.

All products are handmade in the UK.

In the past year, the company have produced make-up brush cleaners and scented sprays but they now have three sets of faux eyelashes for you to choose from.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

They are handmade, lightweight and medium length and come in a variety of styles. They feel soft and look natural.

They come with strips of gold card to be easily reattached.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Skye lashes are short and natural looking and layered to give them a unique look. These would work great for both day and night looks.

Secret lashes are longer and have more volume for a more glamorous look.

Ellbee lashes add the most length and volume. Perfect for a night out.

Each individual set is  £5.50 but you can buy all three (or a combination of three that you prefer) for £14.

Adam Harston, co-founder of Natural Essentoils said: “Many people still believe that natural costs more, and that did used to be the case. But now things are different. Our products are high quality, but if you look at other similar products, synthetic and natural, our pricing is very mid-range.”

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Instructions of how to apply them can be found inside the packaging but also on the website. While the packaging is plastic-free it also doesn’t take up a lot of room. They come in a small metal pot which can be easily popped into your bag.

The lashes are the second product to be shipped in plastic-free packaging, following the deep cleaning brush jar. Adam said: “Our older products that are still packed in PET plastic are in the process of being changed, and that should happen in a matter of weeks. Until that point we remind all of our customers that the bottles are so easily recycled.”

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

A downside is that these don’t come with lash glue.

Here at Eco Style, we’ve headed to the high street to pick out the best vegan and cruelty-free lash glue available right now.

Check out the video below to see what we found.

Natural Essentoils recommend using DUO adhesive. Adam said: “There are some really good vegan eyelash adhesives around at the moment. While we were developing the NE lashes range we used DUO’s brush on strip lash adhesive. The lasting power is excellent and its available in both clear and black. We really love it and it’s quickly become the glue of choice for our team.”

Rebecca Allan, a beautician, makeup artist and content creator also recommends DUO glue. She said: “Out of the many glues I’ve tried it’s the most long-lasting, easy to apply and the most effective. It’s also cruelty-free, vegan and latex-free.”

What are your thoughts on the new lash range? Tweet us at @ecostyletweets.


  1. I might actually give these ago, false lashes are too heavy for me so I never wear them, lightweight sound ideal and ego friendly makes it all the more worth it!!


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