GBBO inspo: Do Vegans have a certain style?

Last week saw The Great British Bake Off take on its first ever ‘vegan week’ to some people’s joy and to others dismay and we saw Jon Jenkins leave the tent.

While Ruby’s cake collapse caused drama, it was something Noel Fielding said that got us thinking.

To Belgium-born contestant Kim-Joy he said: “You look like you might know your way around a vegan restaurant. But you’re not vegan are you? You just have that air about you.”

Kim-Joy, known for her quirky style and bold eye makeup agreed. But, do vegans have a particular look and what is a stereotypical vegan look?

Well, we took to Twitter to speak to Bake Off viewers to see what they think.

Lauren Mitchell, a student from Devon who is vegan said: “It’s such a ridiculous stereotype that someone can “look” like a certain type of diet. Kim Joy clearly dresses exactly how she wants to express herself and your fashion choices have no relation to your diet choices unless you mean them to.

I think the stereotype for the way vegans look is not necessarily that they look a certain way, it’s just any type of style but if it’s extreme then you may ‘look’ more like a vegan since our diet choices are also very often labelled as extreme – although I fail to see how eating plants is extreme.

I’m aware that some people would fit that stereotype however I think anyone that believes that stereotype is true all the time has never met a vegan that doesn’t dress ‘extreme’ or even a omnivore that dresses quirkily such as Kim Joy does.”

Angel Fletcher Penfold, a Social Marketing Assistant from London said: “I think Vegans tend to look natural but quirky, maybe with a slight hippy 70s vibe. I always think of them wearing natural colours like khaki and brown and long, flowing materials and shapes.

I asked around my office what they thought and they said ‘vegans always have dreadlocks with a woolly hat’. My vegetarian work friend even said ‘unwashed.’ It seems ridiculous to assume we can guess who is a vegan just by their appearance but I guess we all make assumptions.

Noel’s comment was of course in jest and definitely less brutal than my work colleagues.”

We’ve put together an outfit with vegan clothes that could match these descriptions.

shades of blue and green
Photo Credit: Brands stated above

If you want to fight against the stereotype tweet us at @ecostyletweets.

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