Open House Gateshead hold workshop by luxury, sustainable brand Elvis and Kresse

Elvis and Kresse, an ethical, luxury bag and accessories brand, recently held a workshop at Open House & The Spare Room, a planet conscious fashion and lifestyle store.

Around 20 other people attended the event in the small shop armed with questions to ask the luxury brand’s co-founder, Kresse Wesling, about the products and her past and future ventures.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Kresse discussed her brand’s journey from two people interested in the amount of waste created from fire hoses and leather to a team of people creating evermore products.

Their journey began in 2005 where they found out the London Fire Brigade’s decommissioned hoses were sent to landfill when they were longer used. Elvis and Kresse was set up to turn them into new fashion pieces to prevent waste. They then moved onto leather.

Kresse spoke about their partnership with the Burberry Foundation where at least 120 tonnes of leather waste from Burberry is hoped to be made into new items. She also spoke about currently designing and making items for Bake Off’s Prue Leith.

Kresse said: “I think some people are aware that we rescue materials but they might not know that we also donate 50% of our profits to charity. They might not know that were also a B-corp and we run an apprenticeship programme and we do all of these other things and unless you have a chance to really have a conversation with people you can’t always get those things across.”

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Richard Murr, owner of Open House & The Spare Room in Gateshead, sells an array of ethical items from skincare and beauty to vintage clothing and prides his stock on being sustainable.

Richard said: “The whole concept of the shop is to have those products that I’ve tried and I’ve used and I can then pass on that information to the customer and say I’ve used this and I’ve found this and this is why I like it. You go give it a go. I can do that knowing that I believe in that product.”

Open House is small and has only been open for a matter of months, so it was an amazing opportunity for a member of Elvis and Kresse’s team to reach out to him about running a workshop and showcasing some of their products there.

Some customers came to the workshop to ask about their own purchases. One lady had four matching items from Elvis and Kresse. It was a great opportunity for them to meet the creator behind their one-off items.

A few even ended up buying some of Richard’s stock.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Most of them even got hands on with some leather pieces and had the opportunity to try and fit them together in the way that Elvis and Kresse do in their creations.

Find out more about the workshop and watch our exclusive interviews with Richard Murr and Kresse Wesling below.

Let us know what you think of the products shown at @ecostyletweets.

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