Celebrating World Vegan Day: The Vegan Society launch new app and we live Vegan on a budget

Happy World Vegan Day.

While were all likely to be celebrating in a variety of ways alongside GBK giving away free vegan burgers and Pizza Express offering free vegan dough balls, our editor wanted to test how easy it is to live a vegan life on a budget.

The Vegan Society’s stats claim that the “vegan trend quadrupled in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017, according to Google search. It now gets almost 3 times more interest than vegetarian and gluten free searches.”

If more and more people are interested in veganism, is it becoming more accessible? Eco Style investigate.

While our editor may have had to buy some of the food and toiletries, she was surprised at how many vegan products she was actually already using.

It was even more surprising how cheap some vegan products are. Check out the video below to see all of the products used.

Find the links for all of the products used in the video’s description.

Her outfit was made up of high street items that she’s had in her wardrobe for years.

Camo jacket – New Look – 90% cotton, 10% polyester

Dungarees – Peacocks – 76% cotton, 22% polyester, 2% elastane

T-shirt – F&F – 90% polyester, 10% linen

Converse – canvas and rubber

Bag – New Look – 100% polyester

Looking for vegan toiletries and makeup is fairly easy. In Tesco, the majority of their essentials range is vegan and this is clear on the back of the packaging. However, some products such as their makeup wipes and their basic hand soap which cost under £1 combined did not specify that they were vegan but in a few simple tweets we found out that they actually are.

Similarly with Poundland, through Twitter we found that a lot of their makeup is vegan – excluding their mascaras.

The meals weren’t very costly either and the milk and meat substitutes taste really good.  So, veganism’s popularity isn’t surprising.

Sarah Kirby, a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle blogger from Essex said: “I think more young people are interested in going vegan now because it’s so much more accessible these days with the huge amount of choices available in the supermarkets and restaurants. Being vegan has gone from being something almost unheard of to now something which is a part of the everyday mainstream way of life. I also believe that the younger generation are perhaps more compassionate and concerned about the environment and want to actively do whatever they can to make a difference.

Despite all of these positive changes and growth in the number of people going vegan, there will always be the people who are reluctant to change habits of a lifetime and who are sceptical of a vegan diet. We can’t forget that a huge generation of people were brought up to believe that meat and dairy were every day staples of a healthy diet. I think many people also really enjoy the taste of these products and do not believe they could get the same level of fulfilment from a vegan diet.”

If you’re not sure whether you want to or could go vegan in the future. The Vegan Society have launched a free app in the US and UK to make the journey to veganism easier and offer advice to anyone interested.

Dominika Piasecka, the media and PR officer for the Vegan Society said: “Fashion and beauty are definitely important elements of a vegan lifestyle. But for the vast majority of the 30 days, it is quite a limited time. So, we’ve decided to focus most of the content on a vegan diet because thats where people find that it is the most tricky. So, we are introducing them gradually to that concept of a vegan diet and how to transition in a smooth way. But, it does include some information about vegan beauty and vegan clothing and other aspects of veganism.”

This app is the first of its kind and draws away from previous emailing methods in the hope to attract a younger audience. It offers a range of interactive videos from vegan Youtubers every day of November – World Vegan Month. There are also quizzes, a rewards programme and discounts involved. You can download it here.

How are you celebrating World Vegan Day? Comment below or tweet us at @ecostyletweets.





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