Ethical brand Uncaptive take on first ever fashion show in Hadrian’s Tipi, Newcastle

Newcastle-based brand Uncaptive recently strutted their stuff on the catwalk in Hadrian’s Tipi to showcase their fashion products to the public.

With their store located in Stack’s creative social hub, the event took place only a stone’s-throw away. Locals modelled their ethical and sustainable items from sweaters to scarves and Elvis and Kresse firehose belts.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Uncaptive joined with fur-free brand Lulu Bella and took notes on how to improve in future fashion shows. Itala Periotto, co-founder of Uncaptive said: “It was definitely a new experience for us; we’ve never done it before. It’s something I think we should do more often. It was just nice to be in touch with the customers and showcase the collection.”

Uncaptive was set up online around two years ago. Founders Itala Periotto and Declan Hill then branched out to markets and fairs. Their shop at Stack only opened three months ago and products have been added slowly.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

They stock a range of sustainable items such as bamboo socks, bamboo toothbrushes, organic cotton garments and sweaters made from recycled plastic. They pride their stock on being made under fair trade and also have a range dedicated to vegans.

Many of the items mentioned can be seen in the catwalk video below alongside an exclusive interview with Itala and Declan.

The brand’s beauty ranges weren’t showcased at the event, so they plan on setting up workshops in the future to give customers a hands on experience.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

The event was a huge success with many people huddled in a circle to take a look at what Uncaptive have to offer.

Jennifer Shepherd, the event organiser said: “I think it went really well. With it being based in the tipi, we haven’t got the opportunity to do practices or run-throughs, so it’s all just been practice outside of it and turn up on the day and just really going for it. I think the crowd that came were a really good crowd and they got to see two different types of retailers, so that was really positive for them. It’s definitely something that we would do again.

The future is bright for Uncaptive and alongside shows and workshops they would like to grow more as a company.

Co-founder, Declan Hill said: “Next year, we plan on travelling quite a bit more to promote the brand again because that’s what we did in the first year. We travelled around the country. Hopefully we’ll open a couple more shops.”

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