More Dash Than Cash: recycling and upcycling household items

Eco Style are always looking for new ways to fight against fast fashion. We’ve produced two looks with household items to prove how easy it is to renew unwanted items but still look stylish.

More trash than cash?

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

Made from a recycled, eco-friendly bin bag from Wilko (ten in a pack for £1), this dress can be tied in a variety of ways to make it suit any body type.

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

We paired it with two loo-roll holder accessories and a string choker from B&M (£1.49 for two rolls of string) meaning this whole outfit can be recycled. This outfit symbolises the fight against ‘throw away’ clothing.

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

Charitable Chic

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

Styled from a floral duvet cover from Cancer Research for £2, this two-piece featuring a strapless top and maxi skirt showcases ethical elegance.

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

A string necklace with peg decorations from Poundland is a unique addition.

Photo Credit: Victoria Cummings

Both outfits combined price up to well under £10.

Why not give it a go yourself? Tweet us your more dash than cash looks to @EcoStyleTweets.

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