Sundried’s Sustainable Sportswear: A photoshoot fighting against plastic pollution

With the recycling of plastic on the rise, it’s not difficult to understand why those who care about the environment would want that to reflect in their fashion too. That’s why Sundried have activewear for all eco fashionistas.

With an EU target for the UK to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2020, this gym location photo shoot showcasing what Sundried have on offer may give you the motivation you need to recycle plastic – doing good for the environment while feeling good about your health.

Why exactly? Well, they make their range from 100% recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds.

Photo Credit: Liam Bessent


Daniel Puddick, the brain behind the brand, said: “I wanted to create a brand that my children would be proud to be associated with in years to come as I strongly believe the next generation will be focused on ethical production.”


Photo Credit: Faye Dixon


The gym-wear is comfortable and fashionable and it stays ethical throughout the whole design process.


Photo Credit: Liam Bessent


It has been audited by the Low Carbon Innovation Fund and there are strict guidelines to ensure everything has the smallest carbon footprint.


Photo Credit: Liam Bessent


Athletes and personal trainers such as triathletes and ambassadors, Leanne James and Alice Hector are often spotted ‘sporting’ Sundried.

Daniel said: “All our ambassadors have a genuine love for the brand, they wear and promote us and in return we promote them. Our ambassadors are the face of the brand.”


Photo Credit: Faye Dixon


He hopes to grow even further by continuing to use the latest developments in technology to ensure the range performs at its best.

The collections certainly have the Eco Style approval as they help you look stylish while the coffee element means no matter how hard you work, you’ll still smell fresh.

Check out more of their activewear on their website.

Photo Shoot Details:


DW Sports Fitness, Sunderland

Female Outfit

Sundried Bristen Women’s Sports Bra

Sundried Ruinette Capris

Male Outfit

Sundried Wildspitze Men’s T-Shirt


Editor, Faye Dixon

Liam Bessent


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