UK Spring Vintage Fairs You Need To Attend

Spring is around the corner and it may be time for a spring-clean to give away (not throw away) old clothes and bring in the new.

Vintage fairs are set to take over the country between March and May. So, it was only right that we at Eco Style plotted out the best fairs that you should visit.

Kim Woods, the organiser of Langport Antiques & Vintage Market and an Etsy shop owner, said: “I think the reuse of things is vital as our planet simply can not sustain the amount of new stuff being produced. I am all about reduce, reuse, recycle and provide a plastic free shopping experience at the markets I run.  

The fashion industry is one the of worst polluters on the planet and the more we can make vintage clothing trendy and desirable, the better.”

Check out our info-map below to find a vintage sale near you.

Some events have free entry but others can be up to £15, so remember to click on the purple markers to read the information you’ll need.

Don’t be disappointed. If you can’t make the dates we’ve chosen, click on the links in the markers’ descriptions to find more events.

Happy sustainable shopping!

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