The Cost of Fashion: Whitby Museum tackles environmental issues

Whitby Museum is hosting a costume exhibition running until the end of 2019 showcasing the environmental issues caused by fashion.

The Cost of Fashion is on display in the museum’s costume gallery in the hopes to portray to members of the public how the fashion industry has impacted the world since the 19th century.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

The exhibition features facts accompanying the costumes regarding cotton production, invention of chemical dyes, slave trade, sweat- shops and the fur industry and how they have contributed to environmental pollution, health issues, water shortages and cruelty to animals.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

There is even an option to be hands on with furs and a video to watch with even more information.

Alison Roberts, the Costume Curator at Whitby Museum said: “I felt we needed to highlight the effect the fashion industry is having on our environment and the people working in it.

You start looking at how this industry has affected people over the centuries and then realise that it is even worse today as we clamber for the newest look led by celebrities and the media.”

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

It is eye opening to see how detrimental fashion was for the environment before fast fashion became popular and machines were used on a daily basis to create clothes.

The exhibition offers the chance to see that the techniques in dyeing fabric, unregulated waste dumped by factories into water courses, fumes damaging air quality and causing acid rain and people working long hours in sweat shops around the world all affected the environment and compare this to the industry today.

Photo Credit: Faye Dixon

Head to Whitby Museum to view this exhibition before the end of 2019 and if you visit before the end of July, be sure to take a look at the Whitby and the Cosmos exhibition. The centrepiece is the ZEPLIN III dark matter detector which was used at Boulby Underground Laboratory until 2011 and since donated to the Museum by Imperial College London.

It is a must-see.

The museum relies entirely on admission fees, membership, donations and their volunteers for its upkeep.

Tickets are £5 for adults, £3.50 for students and children go free. Whitby residents and past and current members of the armed forces can also enter for free. All tickets are valid for 12 months so you can return to view any new additions throughout the year.

Visit the museum at Pannett Park, Whitby. It is open from 9:30 to 4:30 every day except Monday.

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