OLDER Paris to deliver sustainable masks to healthcare workers during coronavirus outbreak

A sustainable uniform brand hope to send hundreds of thousands of bio-cotton masks to healthcare sectors.

On Tuesday, March 24, OLDER Paris, a brand which focuses on working uniforms made sustainably, made the announcement as healthcare workers continue to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The brand stated on social media that they can now deliver 200,000 PPE masks per week.

Photo Credit: OLDER Paris

The masks, which are produced in Europe, are made with medically approved, sustainable bio-cotton and come with dirt and water repellent treatment meaning each mask can be re-washed up to ten times according to European certified standards.

Each mask will be available in packs of ten.

A spokesperson for OLDER told Eco Style: “We are currently in contact with national healthcare sectors in Europe regarding supplying masks for this sector.

“This is our primary focus as-we-speak, however we will soon be able to provide these for the private sector too.”

To thank our medical workers on the frontline, the UK is being urged to applaud NHS staff from their front doors, gardens, balconies or windows at 8pm on Thursday 26 March in a display of support and solidarity.

To enquire about the masks contact OLDER at health@olderstudio.com.

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